CEO of Sohaila International, connecting women on a deeper level by re-discovering their own femininity.
I'm the founder of Sohaila International, an entertainment entrepreneur and professional Middle Eastern Dance artist with over 35 years experience dancing, teaching and performing all over the world. Sohaila International is a global umbrella brand, providing programs to empower women. Within this umbrella is the Sense-ual woman brand, offering mentoring, specialized clothing line, instructional DVDs, online courses, books, empowerment programs, retreats, speaking engagements, live performances and private events.
►NewVo fitness is also under this umbrella. NewVo fitness is a multi-cultural inspired fitness program that takes you around the world with all different dance genres infused with Middle eastern movement. 
►Sohaila Internationals focus is on connecting women on a deeper level by re-discovering their own femininity.
►Sohaila International has been profiled in Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Sun Line CruiseShip ‘The original Love Boat” Pireas Greece, Union Tribune San Diego, Hoy Mismo TV station, Eco TV, Mexico City, Fox5 San Diego, Channel 10, NBC San Diego, VIP performances Balboa Park San Diego, Mexico City Tourism Guide, Utah State University, Palomar College San Marcos, Sheraton Damascus Syria, Forte Grand Amman Jordan, Meridian Nile Cairo Egypt, Claridge Hotel Dubai UAE, Adonis Restaurant Mexico City.
►Live performances in major venues nationwide and internationally for Dignitaries, Presidents, Ambassadors, Royalty in California, Florida, Texas, Utah, Washington, Mexico, Paris, Germany, Greece, El Salvador, Guatemala, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, and Israel.
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Angel Aguilar​

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Angel Aguilar, the founder of the Multicultural Business Association which is an umbrella for a multitude of groups including USA Multicultural Entertainment Group, Multicultural Productions, as well as The Multicultural Woman's Network. Mr. Aguilar has spent the past sixteen years working tirelessly to build a collective community of artists and businesses in Southern California, who embrace all cultures.  His dream is to unify everyone through the universal love of family, the building of strong local and global communities, and by embracing diversity.  Angel states, “My priority is to bring all members of our communities and the world together, in a safe and comfortable atmosphere, to participate in events and programs that build our camaraderie and respect for one another.”  He believes that helping individuals achieve their business goals while giving back to their communities and the world is the key to success in life.  Angel is the founder and director of many community events such as the Annual International Mothers Day Festival, and the Annual Multicultural Holiday Festival, that is under the wings of USA Multicultural, an organization of artistic groups and local multicultural dancers that represents all of the ethnicities and communities of the greater San Diego County, as well as Herencia Mexicana, a non-profit organization that brings together the people of the states of Mexico through community events and outreach programs.

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