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As a major voice of business in San Diego County, the Multicultural Business Association, or MCBA, represents hundreds of successful businesses and corporations from San Diego and around the world. It is made up of business owners and employees with different ethnicities, cultures, languages, and a wide variety of commercial skills. MCBA's inclusiveness is one of its core strengths.  

The MCBA is an organization, supported through membership dues and contributions. It has been organized to create progress in achieving the social and economic needs and goals of the diverse businesses and communities of San Diego County and beyond.  

For more than a century, the fine cities of San Diego County have been widely recognized and respected for their extraordinary record of economic development and community improvement. The MCBA seeks to further promote this aspect of San Diego and to spread it to all other communities in California, the United States, North America, and the World. San Diego is known as a global melting pot of cultures and this makes it the perfect headquarters for the MBA to grow its International connections. 

The MBA promotes local-international economic growth

& development for American companies and helps create global partnerships

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